Current version: Denzel 1.0.1


The net can be conditionally divided by 2 parts: the core of the system and user interfaces. The core is actually consists of a structure of smart contracts, allocated in the Ethereum Ropsten testnet, and one test participant- aggregator, which is processing transactions of users in Ropsten (later on their number will be unlimited and they will be independent). The test mobile app (Google Play, App Store) is used as an interface, where all transactions go through Denzel 1.0.1.

The following functionality is presented for the public testing:

  - transfers, exchange, accruals via mobile application Bitlle Network;

  - mining (space reservation), BTL tokens distribution, transactions sending with gas economy, transfer of gas-tanks.


BTL token contract: 0x752777721dd5fe2db110e9e03b3b8feacff1665e

BN-tokens contracts (ERC20 tokens, compatible with Bitlle Network): 0x55e7f50189185a5e913096Ee0D03b7Dc27387e4E, 0x79848624A3D3BE292E396f3bE7cE468059372d7a, 0x5b76AAf29899CF0e3f9f82b9a757Ef8892670632

BitlleGasStation1 contract ( BTL mining, space reservation for gas economy; description is here): 0x2fDe3609081932351626f8f8Aab3D8bA12080c3a

Router contract (it allows to insert many BN-transfers to one Eethereum- transaction): 0xf99f1e30078d5e36eb3ec61826f3ce360f769025

Bitlle Exchange 1.1 contract (decentralized exchange for BN-tokens): 0x34a7993016476edacb59c02aacf58794655a009e

Duration of an epoch: 100 blocks

Starting block: 6491160

Reward per an epoch: 25 BTL

Test miner: GitHub


For distribution of BTL tokens we use a scheme, which we call “mining”, although it is not necessary to spend electricity.

It works by means of space reservation in ethereum decentralized storage (similar to the logic of GasToken) . Except gas economy on the future transactions, a miner receives BTL calculated based on his share in space reservation per an epoch. BTL accruals are happening inside BitlleGasStation1 contract. Each epoch lasts 100 blocks (approx. 24 minutes) and has 25 BTL. If a miner has reserved 30% of the total epoch reservation, he is eligible for 0,3 * 25 BTL = 7,5 BTL. For BTL withdrawal a miner has to call a function of accrual in BitlleGasstation1 contract; each call processes withdrawal of all BTL accrued after the previous withdrawal.

A space is reserved to a special container, implemented partially according to ERC-721 standard (full compatibility will be implemented later). Miner can reserve space in several containers. Space in a container can be used for gas economy in any Ethereum transactions until a miner makes a first BTL withdrawal for reserved space in the specific container. As soon as at least one withdrawal is processed, space can be used only for transactions inside Bitlle Network. In case a miner wants to “release” a container for using it in any transactions, he should return all BTL he has gained from this container and has withdrawn. This action is a one-way transaction, as a miner will not be able to receive any BTL for this container until all slots in it are burnt.

Agregation (transactions processing)

Function of transactions posting in this version of Denzel testnet is performed by one test aggregator. Access to this functionality to users will be available in the next versions.

Testing and Bounty program

You have a chance to participate in the testing process of Bitlle Network and receive BTL tokens in Ethereum mainnet. Payments will be done twice per month (1st and 15th day of the month). To get the payment you have to send BTL tokens in a testnet to the address 0xFFfFfFffFFfffFFfFFfFFFFFffFFFffffFfFFFfF. The next payment due day BTL will be sent to the same address (from which you send tokens in testnet) in Ethereum mainnet.


In the next versions of testnet users will have solutions for processing transactions (aggregation), entering other tokens to the net, voting, as well as well as realization of a fully functional decentralized exchange, gas spending optimization, unification of interfaces of smart contracts, BitlleJs на web3 1.0 and many other things.

Ultimate target of testnet Denzel

This testnet is launched in purpose of public testing before the launch in Ethereum mainnet. Several version of testnet Denzel will be launched before the mainnet, while the last testnet version will have the full functionality with fixed bugs and a structure, supposed to have decentralized project management system by its participants (holders of BTL tokens).